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Open call for Eksperimenta! 2017 partners

Deadline for submissions 10 December 2015

We invite you to apply if you are an organisation (school, university, art society, professional association, gallery etc.) that wishes to arrange for the participation of school students of your country in the 2017 Eksperimenta! triennial and would like to become an official partner and member of the Eksperimenta! network.

The Contemporary Art Triennial Eksperimenta! is a multi-level international art education project designed for students between the ages of 14 and 19, as well as artists and art teachers. The mission of E! is to support the development of critical, socially sensitive and creative thinking in society through the unification of contemporary art and art education. The main aim of Eksperimenta! is to bring art and art education closer to each other.

The next Eksperimenta! will be taking place from 22 October to 4 December 2017 in Tallinn Art Hall, the Art Hall Gallery and City Gallery under the overarching theme of “Art and Economy”.

The relationship between contemporary art and the economy is one of irritation – on the one hand, they have a similar basis in social psychology, while on the other, they have a love-hate relationship of defiance and contest. The discourse of Us vs. Them can be observed distinctly.

Art education creates an opportunity and context for discussing complex subjects. Art helps to conceptualise and comprehend a more profound, less-illuminated side that otherwise remains imperceptible, abstract in everyday haste. Sustainability, for example, is a central concept in both economics and art education. How sustainable is today’s economic model? Is the economy, the way we are accustomed to thinking of it and whose modes of action we study in economics lessons, now self-destructing? What is emerging? What awaits us?

Submission form and Submission guidelines, calendar.

More information:

Annely Köster


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