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Turkish exhibition

Arda Koray. Which one is real?

Science and art are two fields that are interconnected with each other and our lives. In 2012, when the new triennial’s topic was announced, we were ending our national Eksperimenta! triennial exhibition at the Modern Art Centre of Ankara. All the participants came together in front of Arda Koray’s work, which used physics and mathematics and questioned the “real identity” through art. This work became our starting point for the 2nd Eksperimenta!. Arda continued working on the same subject. One of his works is also included in the exhibition. This way, we have a chance to build a link between the 1st and 2nd triennial.

D’Atelier and the International Child Art Association announced the national contest for Eksperimenta! triennial in early 2013. The contest consisted of two parts – the first held in the spring semester, the second in autumn. Scientists, artists, philosophers and young people come together. They learned about different sides of science and now have more information about the scientific world, about the new findings by CERN, NASA etc.

The contest was opened to submissions in last November. 18 artworks were selected for the national exposition. Any connection between art and the fields of science were accepted, to give the young people a chance to use more than one field and combine them with art. The results were fantastic. The second elimination round tries to find a common trait between the selected works. This could include diagrams, letters, numbers, scientific symbols combined with the colours of art. After this round, there were 10 artworks left, exhibited in Tallinn.

Alp Gani Oral